Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marye Audet:Biography Page

This is an archived blog. My new portfolio can be found at MaryeAudet

Marc (my husband of 28 years) and I have 8 kids, well 9 if you count in-laws.. and 2 grandkids. 6 are still at home.
We have a 100 year old house that we are restoring..I like to call it 4300 sq feet of potential and that takes up much of our free time. We are also trying to move toward a more self- (God-) sufficient lifestyle and are researching things like solar energy, intensive gardening, working with and preserving heritage breeds and varieties, cheese-making, soap-making and such. We raise and show Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats both for pets and milk, have chickens (golden laced wyandottes being replaced with 25 barred rock hens), and three horses that don’t do much but someday if the entire power grid goes down those babies are gonna learn to plow!

We have homeschooled since 1989, utilizing many methods over the years and settling on a juxtaposition of Charlotte Mason, classical, units, and unschooling. When I am asked to speak about it I tell people we are Classical Unschoolers utilizing the Charlotte Mason Unit Study Approach. Usually this makes me sound really smart and impressive.

I like to write and I have about 8 blogs besides this because I like to keep different interests separate. I enjoy reading, writing poetry and fiction, spinning fiber, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, anything crafty, photography, oil painting, horseback riding, antiquing, camping , backpacking, gardening, and anything else that I get interested in.

My husband and I met in the military where he was an Arabic linguist specializing in farsi, and I was a Czecheslovakian linguist. There was a time when, between us, we spoke 4 or 5 languages.

I have been actively involved in women’s ministry both at our church (past and present) and on the internet for 8 years. I have done everything on my *do before 50* list,( which is a good thing because I have only 2 more years before I get there.) including sky diving and having paintings shown in a major metropolitan art gallery. Time for a new list.

I dislike mediocrity in any form and believe if anything is worth doing it is worth giving 100%.

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